Charcoal explained

The advantages of using our sawdust charcoal are:-

Smokeless & odourless- this suitable for indoors/air conditioned environment.
Low ash content when fully combusted- meaning minimal ash flying around resulting in a cleaner surrounding.
Minimum staining on pots and pans
Hexagonal shaped for efficient positioning in stove
Made from wood sawdust

The following are our lab results of our sawdust charcoal carried out by a independent testing facility, SGS  Laboratory Services

Certificate No.
5801/17079/LPKE/0298-301/94 under Methods: BS 1016: 1991-Methods for Analysis and Testing of Coal and Coke.

Parameters Of Analysis


Moisture, % 3.17
Volatile Matter, % 13.76
Ash, % 3.92
Fixed Carbon, % 79.15
Sulphur (S), % 0.56
Calorific Value, Kcal/kg 7435


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